A Few Case Studies

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Other Projects

Branding Transition Express Oil Change

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3D Interactive Table Westgate

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Interactive Bus Ad Alabama Department of Tourism

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Mini UX Audit Express Oil Change

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Miss Fancy Friends of Avondale

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Pill Box Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

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myBlueCross User Experience Review Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

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Health Handbook Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

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HCR Alabama Blue Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

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MyBlueCross Redesign Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

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RPCGB Site Redesign Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham

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In-house Mailing Promise Network

After several mail houses were unable to handle our complex order fulfillment process, the addressing, mailing and UPS shipping of the magazine orders was brought in-house. We went from knowing nothing about standard (bulk) mail processing to delivering our first run within six weeks.

PromiseNet (Internal CMS) Promise Network

As an in-house developer, I took an intricate paper process and developed a FileMaker solution that handled every aspect of the publishing production cycle for a bi-monthly magazine. The magazine was customized for more than 400 churches each issue and delivered via direct mail to the postal carrier routes they specified. The resulting solution completely automated one team member’s job, eliminating time-consuming paperwork and freeing her to concentrate on customer service.

Advertising Sales Tracker The Powell Group

Migrated a database that was originally developed in Double Helix for Mac OS 9. The new solution, while maintaining the majority of the previous system's functionality also gave the Powell Group the ability to track detailed notes about each client and publisher. This gave them additional reporting capabilities for each of the media companies they represent.

Merchandise Tracker Saks (Parisian)

The marketing department for Parisian, a local clothing retailer, needed to be able to track garments that were sent to various photography shoots around the country for use in their advertising campaigns.

Event Management SDEA

Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association (SDEA) needed an upgrade to their existing database that tracked their conference/event registrations. The existing system was originally built using an older version of FileMaker. While it was relational, it didn’t adhere to standard data normalization and programming protocols. I upgraded the system and introduced new features that were previously unavailable to SDEA, eliminating several performance issues that were inherent to the initial development.

Order Fulfillment Stanley/Black & Decker

Stanley handles all lock and key orders for AT&T in the Southeast United States. They manufacture and ship thousands of locks and keys each week. I redesigned the existing FileMaker 5.5 solution, updating it to the most current version of FileMaker, normalized the data, overhauled the user interface, and created additional reports.

Patient Packets Birmingham Neurosurgery & Spine Group

The patient care coordinator for a local neurosurgical practice needed to be able create and print individually customized information pages to prepare patients for upcoming surgery. Creating a simple database of common surgical procedures and the protocols for before and after each type of surgery eliminated the need for repetitively writing the information by hand for each patient.